the number entered for *points* is not recognized

When I key in s value for *points,* they start from right-to-left, eg., to enter 500, I have to enter 005! Thereafter, when I press the submit button, the prog warns that the entered number of points is not val...

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Tickets more expensive on Perk

Hello - I was just wondering if this link was correct - I am attempting to get tickets for universal studio (GA) - but the ticket prices on Any Perk are more then the tickets on the Universal Studios website....

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Cost of product went up with AnyPerk

The cost of TaxAct's Ultimate service went up from 29.99 to 34.99 when using the AnyPerk benefit. What's up with that???

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Lyft gold level discounts

today i received an email from lyft about get a gold level with any perks and accelerated rewards program. One of the gold status previews were 43% off ray ban sunglasses. But you guys don't have any ray b...

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I am attempting to reserve a hotel room in Boston for the Hyatt and it says 15% using AnyPerk through Orbitz, well Orbitz shows the price as $254 and Orbitz through AnyPerk is showing the price as $304. Shouldn...

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AMC Movie Bundle Perk

This perk: describes the ability to pay for 2 movie tickets, 2 drinks, and 1 popcorn for $28 but I was not able to access this perk by choosing "Get Perk."...

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AT&T Discount

Is the A&T 15% off discount still available?

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T-Mobile: File Not Found

On T-Mobile's site, I see the Anyperk extension pops up an alert, which redirects me to but that link is a dead 404. Please fix this, as I would love to use a...

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