Are there no discounts for Disneyland?

I thought there used to be a discount for Disneyland, but I can't find it anymore. Is it still there but I just can't find it?

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AT&T Plan Discount

My AT&T discount shows that I should be receiving 22% off my monthly plan, however, they could only find the discount as 10%. The discount is on a 16GB monthly data plan and they say they need the unique co...

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Ski Lift Tickets

Last year I bought all my ski tickets through Anyperk. Are they not offered this year? I am not showing any results when I search "ski" or "lift". Thanks

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Adobe Creative Cloud discount for existing accounts?

I already have a subscription to the Adobe CC Photography package. Is it possible to apply the discount to an extension for my existing plan?

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Dead link in Hawaiian Airlines perk

The Hawaiian Airlines perk on this page leads to a "page not found" error: https://anyperk.com/salesforce.com#/perk/1342 Is the perk still valid?

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Regal eTicket

I purchased a Regal eTicket earlier today for a movie I was going to see, but never received the ticket. I only received an email with confirmation of my purchase, but not the eTicket. I had to end up buying th...

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Order incomplete

Who do I contact if an item I ordered was incorrect? I have called and emailed Anyperk and did not receive a response.

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AMC E-Tickets Unavailable

AMC e-tickets are listed as an option however they are unavailable and the only options are print tickets which are not usable right away without waiting for delivery by mail. Can you help?

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AMC Tickets use

Can these be used to purchase a ticket online from the theater once I buy the perk? I believe AMC uses Fandango

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AMC Bundle Tickets

I purchased the bundle and they said they would mail it to me. I bought this at the beginning of October and I only got an email with a confirmation that they had been purchased but never got an email with the...

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