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Gift Cards or E-Gift Cards?

A colleague recently told me that he bought several gift cards and has now learned that they are actually e-gift cards, not physical gift cards. Is this correct? Are all the gift cards you offer actually e-gif...

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1 Agent Answer perk not working anymore?

When I try to get the perk - the site tells me: The coupon code "-REDACTED-" could not be applied, either it is no longer valid or you have used it previo...

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SSO is causing Chrome plugin not to work

The new change to the Chrome plugin requires us to login with a username and password but my company uses SSO to login to AnyPerk so it's not working and is slowing down the browser because it shows up in ...

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Login to your anyperk for chrome

A sidebar popped up on my email suggesting that I should login to my anyperk for chrome. That's fine and I'd like to, but I don't think I have a password at all- I've only logged in through ...

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Android App?

Any idea when an app will be available for android??

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Viewing my giving history

Is there a way to see my giving history? When I give someone a reward, I receive an email with the recipient's name and reward dollar amount, but not the reason (great job, birthday, thank you, etc.) or t...

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Spouse Eligability

Hello AnyPerks, My wife is interested in getting the Black Tag membership at Core Power Yoga. I have a Any Perks membership through Salesforce. Can we use my Any Perks membership to get the 20% discount at C...

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Ray Ban New Aviator Model #?

Which model # is the Ray-Ban New Aviator Sunglasses that are offered?

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What happened to Gazelle?

Hi Anyperk, What happened to your relationship with Gazelle? Is there any chance this will be coming back or is that perk gone forever? Thanks! Conrad

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