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soul cycle

the link is not working for me-i followed instructions but when i sign in as it says, the 10-1 deal isn't showing in my account. Thanks

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24hr fitness purchase

I purchased the 24hr fitness membership through Anyperks and Globalfit, however the membership is not valid and it's been a waste of my time. I have been up there to 24hr fitness with the emails and inform...

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City Sports Perk

Dear Team, Would we get any discounts on City Sports Club anytime soon? Looking to join. Thanks.

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Spouse eligability

Is my spouse eligible for Perks in the same way I am?

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Is there a LA Fitness perk?

Is there a LA Fitness perk? If so, where can I locate it?? I haven't seen it on the Perk page under Fitness.

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LA Fitness Perk is not available

Hello, I was able to see LA Fitness perk today noon.. and now it is not available. Can you please let me know as to when it will be available again? Thanks, Pavan Kumar SP

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What cost are associated with this service? I am inquiring for a small business of 10-14 employees.

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Resend tickets

Hey there! I purchased tickets to use today about an hr ago and just noticed I misspelled my email address..Is there any way they can be sent to the correct email address soon. Im sorry it was my mistake but...

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Change country from US to AUS

Hi team, I'm based out of Sydney, Australia but can only select US states as my location. How can I get this changed? Thanks, Christian

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H&R Block Deal

Tried to use the H&R Block in-office deal, but it seems the code is missing?

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